Earth Revival Act

About ERA

Set in the year 3500, ERA is a massively-multiplayer, single-world game that places players into a territory and resource war across the contiguous United States, or the slate of what it used to be. The quest for land and economic power is driven by a political agreement known as the Earth Revival Act, a pact drawn up by the many planet-nations that were colonized after the destruction of Planet Earth over a thousand years prior.

Propoganda paints ERA as an environmental effort to restore the birthplace of the human race, but upon landing, pioneers hailing from all nations quickly realize the true meaning behind the act. War and trading alliances run abound, as the mirage of a planetary order dissolves into a feudal state.

Players can create and lead a nation or join an existing team run by other players. The stage is a full-scale United States, a world map painted with the beautiful geography from Atlantic to Pacific. Over 500 million territories are available for nations to battle for and conquer. Valuable resources for building structures, arming your team, and trading with other ally nations are stowed away throughout the map.

ERA provides players with a massive platform on which they will fight their own battles, build their own cities and nations, and ultimately write their own history.

Get a Copy

ERA is not yet available for purchase, as we are still in Alpha stages of development. However, we periodically release demos to a select audience of players who have expressed interest in the game. If you're interested in being a participant in our closed Alpha, submit your info through this Google form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Additionally, in order to stay updated on ERA's progress as we get closer to official release, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or if that's not your cup of tea, join our subreddit so you can start meeting future ERA players and discuss the latest news. We'll also be firing up a Kickstarter campaign to help our cause, so keep your eyes peeled!

Meet the Team

The ERA development team is made up of four individuals, each with a unique role in the game's production. Read up about each person and how they contribute to the project:


Software Engineer

Greg is the team lead for ERA. He works heavily in both the game client as well as the backend server code that provides the core mechanisms for gameplay.


Software Engineer

John is a software engineer that focuses on the electronic trading industry. As you might guess, his work primarily focuses around economic functions within ERA such as trade.



Nikki does all of the asset development for ERA such as the 3d models, textures, and color palette. Additionally, she focuses on User Experience within the game's interface.


Audio Engineer

Tom is a software engineer who is responsible for ERA's audio assets as well as audio engine functionality. He'll also be heading our community management efforts.